Paint by Numbers Kits - 40x50cm


Paint by Numbers Kits - 40x50cm is the most popular and best value Painting by Numbers kits category. They are suitable for people ranging from age 13 to retirees. They are normally more details and more complex to provide a better challenge for greater satisfaction and fun.

INTERESTING FACT: Do you know that Paint by Numbers Kit is one of the most popular product recommended by Art Therapist to relieve stress, improve mental and physical well being?


Note: due to popular demand, a number of our paint by numbers kits are currently sold out. However, there are still over 300+ popular paint by numbers designs readily available from our warehouse in Australia. To simplify your shopping experience, we have sorted all items that are still available and displayed them in the first 14 pages under this category. We hope you will find something you are interested in. Happy shopping!