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"Van Gogh's masterpiece, beautiful flowers, scenery, landmarks, gardens, animals, famous portraits and more - we have got the lot"

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Paint by Numbers Kit - Van Gogh

Van Gogh

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Paint by Numbers Kits - Latest Collection

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Paint by Numbers Kit - Blossom in London

Blossom in London

Paint by Numbers - Colourful Zebras Backs

Colourful Zebra Backs

Paint by Numbers - Colourful Opera House

Colourful Opera House

Paint by Numbers Kit - Sky Hot Air Balloons

Sky Hot Air Balloons

Art Frame - A Simple DIY Solution to Display Your Beautiful Artwork

Art Frame for Paint by Numbers Kit

Australia's first Art Framing solution, designed specifically for Paint by Numbers Kit.

You can now frame your own artwork from home and add an elegant finishing touch to your completed artwork.

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Paint by Numbers Kits for Big Kids - 30x40cm - HURRY LOW IN STOCK

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Kids Paint by Numbers Kit - Flower Sea

Flower Sea

Kids Paint by Numbers Kit - Colourful Cat

Colourful Cat

Paint by Numbers Kit - Colourful Lion

Colourful Lion

Kids Paint by Numbers Kit - Colourful Dog

Colourful Dog


Top 20 Most Popular Adults Painting by Numbers Kits Designs

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Paint by Numbers Kit - Sparrows on the Almond Tree

Sparrows on the Almond Tree

Paint by Numbers Kit - Long Life Turtles

Long Life Turtles

Paint by Numbers - The Bridges of Amsterdam

The Bridges of Amsterdam

Paint by Numbers Kit - Cherry Blossom

Cherry Blossom Garden


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Paint by Numbers Kits - Inspirational Quotes

Paint by Numbers Kits - Animals

Paint by Numbers Kits - Beautiful Cities

Paint by Numbers Kits - Beautiful Gardens

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Paint by Numbers Kits - Famous Masterpiece

Paint by Numbers Kits - Angels

Paint by Numbers Kits - Flowers

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Paint by Numbers Kits - Relationship

Paint by Numbers Kits - Scenery and Landscape

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Paint by Numbers for Kids and Adults

Kids Paint by Numbers Kits come in many sizes including 10x15cm, 20x30cm, 25x25cm and 30x40cm. They are great for children age 5+, to help them explore and develop their artistic talent, learn to recognise different colours or simply just having fun. Kids painting by numbers kit is popular for after-school care activity, birthday parties, Christmas presents, holiday or weekend little project, and children painting or colouring competition. Check out our most popular kids 20x30cm category now.

Adults Paint by Numbers Kits are usually bigger and more challenging. Our 40x50cm are the most popular and best value size for adults. Adults Paint by Numbers kits have more colours and more areas to provide greater fun and satisfaction. Many use it as popular pastime or hobby, and it is definitely one of the most therapeutic activity recommended by art therapists.


Paint by Numbers Kits - 40x50cm

40x50cm (Most Popular)

Kids Paint by Numbers Kits - 20x30cm

20x30cm (Popular Kids)

Kids Paint by Numbers Kits

30x40cm (Kids)

Paint by Numbers Kits - 50x65cm


Paint by Numbers Kits - 3 Sets Collections

3 Sets Painting


Customers Reviews

Adorable Angel

10 / 10 EVERY TIME! 
5 Stars

Posted by Paul

"I am a repeat customer and the quality of product & level of service never disappoint. I will keep coming back. Love your work!"

Bridge in Autumn

5 Stars

Posted by Leanne

"The final product once completed is stunning. I have received numerous compliments as they cannot tell it's painted by me. A must for all PBN fans."

Blossom Pink Roses by Thea

Rewarding to Paint 
5 Stars

Posted by Thea

"Love the size, the colours are beautiful and enjoyable to paint. Not too difficult and very rewarding as you go! Good value and great quality. Looks professional when finished!"

Irises by Lynda

Van Gogh's Irises by Lynda and A Very Touching Memory

"My mother passed away in 2009. When I went to pack up her home I kept all of her many silk scarfs. My mother suffered from alopecia for most of her life so was never without a scarf. One scarf in particular I thought very beautiful and hung over a door in my home, I loved the colours and the flowers. Just about the time of completing my painting I suddenly stopped at the door, held the scarf out and realised it is Vincent Van Gogh’s Irises.

I need fell over with this beautiful connection, so now every time I look at my painting, hanging in my lounge, and walk past the scarf on the door I think of my mum and feel flooded with love. I am enjoying my new hobby very much and am creating a couple of beautiful Van Gogh corners in my home and have been reading about Vincent’s life and work in the process.

ArtistIsU provide great quality pieces and the service is fantastic. I look forward to continuing my hobby with new works being added to inspire and satisfy my creative passions."


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Paint by Numbers Kits - Over 500 Adults and Kids Designs


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Shop from over 600+ amazing Paint by Numbers Kits Designs. Famous Van Gogh's masterpiece, beautiful flowers, landscapes, gardens, animals and portraits - we have got the lot.

All our paint by numbers kits are readily available here in Australia. We post them to you using Australia Post straight from our warehouse in Brisbane. Shop Now !

Paint by Numbers Kits for AdultsPaint by Numbers Kits for Kids