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Paint by Numbers is Fun and Easy for Everyone

Paint by Numbers or Painting by Numbers is a popular pastime enjoyed by many Australians as a recreational activity or hobby.

Unlike other art activities which often takes time to learn, Paint by Numbers is easy and it is designed such that any first timers can have fun and enjoy the relaxation of art without going to a class.

Painting by Numbers is the perfect indoor activity for all ages. You can paint almost anything, and like many of our regular customers, you will be amazed by the outcome and be proud of your own masterpiece!

Paint by Numbers is fun and easy for everyone

"These pictures now belong to my 2 years old grand daughter Alice." - Joan M.
5 Stars

Paint by Numbers for Kids and Adults

Painting by Numbers is a great activity for kids and adults. You don't need experience to paint by numbers. It's as simple as colouring in an area in the canvas using the designated colour, that has been labelled for you. Kids as young as 5 years old and adults as healthy as 80+ years are enjoying painting by numbers everyday.

Try a paint by numbers today. Enjoy and have fun painting your own masterpiece.

Adults and Kids Love Paint by Numbers

"Love the quality of the paint and canvas. Will definitely be a return customer. They also have great customer service and are very helpful." - Melissa P.
5 Stars

Relax with Painting by Numbers

When regular pressure and countless stressful events take over our life, spending a moment away in a therapeutic activity could help easing the discomfort and getting the mind back on track.

Painting can offer relief from the mental and physical pressures. It provides an easier way to express oneself rather than with words, which can sometime be frustrating.

Paint by Numbers engages our mind and body to work in harmony and guides the creation of an artistic masterpiece. Painting by numbers combines the properties of number and colour recognition in a way that stimulates the mind and encourages creativity and motor skills, while motivating the individuals to complete the work of art. When the beautiful masterpiece emerges itself, a sense of purpose and well being that stimulate the human body will take over which result in a better functioning person.

Below are some of our best selling paint by numbers kits this month. Enjoy and have fun painting by numbers today!

Why ArtistIsU Paint by Numbers Kits are so Popular

1) Our Paint by Numbers canvases come pre-stretched on solid wooden frame. So no more wrinkly canvases and messy assembly.

2) Our paints are ready mixed and ready to use. You can paint straight out of the box.

3) Our paints come in extra large paint pot, double the size of standard paint pot. So you will never run out of paints.

4) Finally, our paint by numbers kits come with 60 days Fresh Paint Warranty. So you will never have to worry about dry paint ever again.

Brand New Paint by Numbers Designs - Just Arrived!

Over 60 brand new paint by numbers designs to choose from. Popular landmarks, animals, famous masterpieces and more. Check out our new paint by numbers kits today!

Paint by Numbers - Animals Design

Hundreds of cute animals paint by numbers designs to choose from. Such as dog, giraffe, kookaburra, elephant, deer, cat, lion, zebra and more.

Australian Paint by Numbers Designs

Everything Aussie! Love Australian's scenes, animals, landmarks? Here are your must have Australian Paint by Numbers Kits

Paint by Numbers - Famous Masterpieces

You can now paint your own Van Gogh, Monet, Klimt, Picasso, Leonardo Da Vinci, Henri Rousseau, Rene Magritte, Rembrandt and more.

Popular Adults Paint by Numbers

Adults Paint by Numbers Kits are usually bigger and more challenging. Our 40x50cm and 50x65cm are the most popular and best value size for adults. Adults Paint by Numbers kits have more colours and more areas to provide greater fun and satisfaction. Many use it as popular pastime or hobby, and it is definitely one of the most therapeutic activity recommended by art therapists. Shop now while popular stocks last!

Scratch Painting - A Must Try and Fun Art Activity

Simply scratch off the thin film to reveal the colourful painting. 31 colourful cities to choose from. Fun and very relaxing. Collect all your favourite cities today!

Most Popular Products

Display Art Frame for Paint by Numbers Kits

Australia's first Art Framing solution, designed specifically for Paint by Numbers Kits.

Frame your own artwork from home and add an elegant finishing touch to your completed artwork.

For limited time, order an Art Frame today for only $35.90 (SAVE $44)

DIY Art Frame for Paint by Numbers Kits

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