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Relax with Colour and Art Therapy

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When regular pressure and countless stressful events take over your life, spending a moment away in a therapeutic activity could help easing the discomfort and getting the mind back on track.

Painting can offer relief from the mental and physical pressures. It provides an easier way to express oneself rather than with words, which can sometime be frustrating.

Paint by numbers engages your mind and body to work in harmony and guides the creation of an artistic masterpiece. Painting by numbers combines the properties of number and colour recognition in a way that stimulates the mind and encourages creativity and motor skills, while motivating the individuals to complete the work of art.

When the beautiful masterpiece emerges itself, a sense of purpose and well being that stimulate the human body will take over which result in a better functioning person.

Painting by numbers have been a very popular art therapy activity, not only it does not require any artistic skills to complete, but more importantly it is fun and the result is almost always guaranteed to be excellent.

If you decide to start your own painting project, whether it's painting by numbers or painting from scratch, don't forget to enjoy it with a cup of tea. We called this activity ArtTearapy.

Painting by Numbers and the Freedom to Express

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Advance Painting by Numbers Technique

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