Scratch Painting Kits


Scratch Painting - scratch and reveal the beautiful and colourful painting.

Enjoy the relaxation with this easy and creative arts idea. Choose from 31 colourful cities from around the world.


Discover a new way to enjoy painting

While painting can be an enjoyable pastime, many of us lack the skill to design a masterpiece. Scratch painting allows art lovers to create their own paintings with no experience or skill required. This painting style uses a sharp object to scratch and carve out a completed drawing hidden underneath.

ArtistIsU has 31 scratch painting kits available, detailing famous cities from around the world. From New York and the Taj Mahal to the Sydney Opera House, you’ll be able to slowly uncover some of the most remarkable artificial landmarks. Not sure where to start? Check out some of our favourite picks below:

  • Mount Fuji in Japan — Featuring vibrant shades of pink, red and gold, uncover the wonderous Mount Fuji with our scratch painting kit. Once you’ve scraped and carved away, you’ll be able to appreciate the magnificent night scenery on a black-coated surface.
  • Big Ben in London — Combining classic gold with splashes of yellow gold under a smooth black sea is our Big Ben scratch painting kit. Once completed, this painting could be a great addition to your home office or guest bedroom.
  • The Eiffel Tower in Paris — Bring a touch of romance to your scratch painting hobby with our Eiffel Tower kit. With splashes of colour and classic gold, art lovers will adore uncovering this piece day by day. Every inch of this painting is a treat to discover, from rainbow fireworks to a bright blue water feature.
  • Hot air balloons in Cappadocia — Take a trip to Cappadocia with our hot air balloon scratch painting kit. This painting is sure to awaken the wanderlust in you, featuring gold and pops of bright blue, yellow and red.


Treat yourself or a friend to a scratch painting kit with ArtistIsU

Whether you’re looking for the perfect weekend activity or a unique birthday gift, you can’t go wrong with picking up a scratch painting kit from ArtistIsU. Once you’ve found your desired kit, head to the checkout — if you are purchasing a gift, we offer gift wrapping, or you can add a hand-written card to your order!

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