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Painting by Numbers Kits 

Paint by Numbers or painting-by-numbers kits describes a board or canvas on which a picture is divided into areas by light blue or grey lines indicate areas to paint. Each area having a number and a corresponding numbered paint to use. Upon completion of the painting activity, a beautiful work of art emerges and an artist is born.


About ArtistIsU 

Hello and Welcome to Artist-Is-U,

Our journey started in 2013. One of our close friend who is an Art Therapist invited us to a social painting event that she organised. She knew that we were quite stress out with our life juggling between work and the birth of our third child so wanted us to come along to have fun and enjoy the evening.

My husband and I didn't know much about painting but the session went amazingly fun. It reminded us of our childhood time at our art class, when we used to paint a mountain with a sun in the middle and a long curly road. It was a wonderful evening and at the end of the night, we were given two painting by numbers kits to take home. We still have both paintings hanging in our living room because arguably they are the best masterpiece we have ever created.

Fast forward to today, we are now the largest online Painting by Numbers kits supplier based in Australia, packing and sending our paint by numbers kits around the world.

ArtistIsU specialises in high quality Painting by Numbers kits with Wooden Framed Canvas. We are regularly introducing new designs, we also stock some very exclusive and amazing masterpieces that you can't get anywhere else. Currently, we have over 600+ amazing adults and kids paint by numbers kits designs on our website. Famous Van Gogh's masterpiece, beautiful flowers, landscapes, gardens, animals, and portraits - we have got the lot.

We import our paintings directly from the manufacturer at a very large quantity. As the result, we are able to secure very competitive pricing and at the same time obtained product Quality Assurance from our manufacturer.

We are based in Brisbane, Australia and we ship all over the world. Our most popular destination are Australia, New Zealand, and The United States.

All our products are stored in our warehouse in Australia. Hence, all our products are quarantined and checked by the Australian Custom meeting Australian Standard.

All our customers are covered by our 100% Money Back Guarantee policy. (Please refer to our return policy in FAQ page for details or contact us directly).

Our goal is to reach out to as many people as possible so everyone can benefit from the relaxation that painting by numbers give. Whether you were born an artist or like us who didn't know anything about painting, with ArtistIsU's Painting by Numbers kits, the Artist Is You.

Have fun and be inspired by your own creation.


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